EZ Facebook Groups – Turn Off Notifications Software


Are you in a lot of Facebook Groups and tired of getting a ton of notifications every time someone posts to that group?




The notification feature of Facebook can be a useful thing. There are certain groups that you might be a member of, where you want to be notified when something new is posted to them.

If you do Facebook Group advertising, you’re most likely a member of 1,000 groups or more. The problem is that every time ANYONE posts to groups, Facebook adds it to your notifications up top.

At any one time you might have 100’s of notifications. It’s probably go to the point where you just started ignoring the notifications tool.

Unfortunately Facebook doesn’t give you a way to press a button to turn off all notifications. You actually have to go into each one of your groups and choose the option to turn the notifications off.

So if you’re in over 1,000 groups, that simply isn’t a doable option. It would take you forever!

Because of this…I created this new piece of software that does this process for you! It goes into all of your Facebook Groups and turns off the notifications for each of them.

Here’s a video of it in action, check it out for yourself:



EZ Facebook Groups - Turn Off Notifications Software