What are the minimum system requirements to use your software?

The minimum system requirements are Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8), 512 MB of Ram, 5 MB of disk space, and the .NET Framework 4. Not Mac Compatible

I was directed to the page to download the software after I made my purchase. When I go to run the file, it is asking for a license key – where do I find this?

When you made your purchase, an automatic email was sent out, to the email address that specified, with your registered email address and license key. If you can’t seem to find it in your email, try checking your spam folder first. If you still can’t find it, click on the support tab up above and request to have your license key sent again. Make sure to include your email address that you specified during the order process.

Can I use my program on more than one computer?

No, the license your purchase is only good for use on 1 single computer. Once you enter your license key and run the program, it is that tied to that computer. If you attempt to run it on another computer, our servers will automatically deactivate your license and your program will no longer work. This is a safety measure to prevent piracy and sharing of licenses.

Do your programs automatically update when a new version is available?

Every time that you start any of our programs, they check with our servers for the latest version available and perform the update automatically.

I’m getting “An exception occurred during a WebClient request” error, when trying to install my program.

One of our clients recently encountered this error. It was an easy fix. CLICK HERE for directions.


EZ Backpage Auto Poster FAQ’s:

Will EZ Backpage Auto Poster solve the Captcha Codes for me?

Yes, EZ Backpage Auto Poster uses a service called Death By Captcha to solve the Captcha Codes. It is very inexpensive. It is free to create an account with them and they only charge $6.95 for 5,000 captchas (0.00139 per captcha solved). The capcha solving service is integrated seamlessly into EZ Backpage Auto Poster. To use this service, just click on the “captcha services account” link in the tools menu and add your Death By Captcha account login info.

You also have the option of solving the captcha codes manually as well, if you don’t feel like paying for the Death By Captcha service. Although paying for the captcha solving service is well worth it, since it’s so cheap! I don’t know about you, but I would much rather click a button and walk away, while my computer posts my ad to 500+ cities all on autopilot! The cost to post to 500 cities while using Death By Captcha’s services to solve the captcha codes for you is only 69¢!

Can I spin my titles and body of my ad?

Yes, you have the option to use spintax in both the titles and ad body. Anytime you use the spin brackets (ex. {This is my ad|Here is my ad|My ad is here}) EZ Backpage Auto Poster will recognize and spin your titles or ad body. Spinning is NOT necessary to make your ads stick. EZ Backpage Auto Poster works around the problem of duplicate ad posting with intelligent ad structuring, so you can use the same title and ad body and your ads will never get ghosted.

How is EZ Backpage Auto Poster able to get my ads to post to multiple cities while using the same title and ad body?

The software adds a small snipet of code to the end of each title and ad, which ensures that Backpage recognizes each ad as being unique content.

I’m interested in your backpage auto poster however I’m aware that backpage has recently made some changes to their site involving captchas which try to detect bots solving them. Does your software address this problem?

We have had no problems at all with EZ Backpage Auto Poster. We personally use it ourselves and do anywhere from 200-500 ads each day. If Backpage ever does change anything that causes the software to not work right, we will fix it that day and update it. This is something that we use ourselves everyday, so it’s just as important to us that it is running right. The nice thing is that the software autmatically checks for updates each time your start it up.

Can I post to multiple cities on Backpage?

Yes, with the EZ Backpage Auto Poster, you can post to every single city on Backpage using the same ad, if you choose to.

Can I use HTML in the body of my ad?

Yes, you can create your ad using HTML or you can also use just plain text for the body of your ad.

What category does the EZ Backpage Auto Poster place my ads in?

The EZ Backpage Auto Poster posts all ads to the Services >Business Opportunities section.

Why are my ads not showing up (also known as getting “ghosted” on Backpage?

The following are the usual reasons why ads get ghosted:

– If you’re using a url link that has been blocked or black listed by Backpage. (a lot of affiliate links and link shortener url’s like trck.me, bit.ly, etc. are black listed). If this happens, just use a different url and forward it to the linked that’s getting blocked.

– From time to time another Backpage user may flag one or more of you ads and this will cause Backpage to mark all of your ads as “Community Removed” and take them down. If your account gets flagged and black listed. If this ever happens, just create a new Backpage account with a different email address.

– And also if you have a spammy sounding url. I had one client who bought a new url and used the subdomain with the words “cashback” in it. For whatever reason, every ad he tried to post got ghosted, even though it was a new domain. Backpage for some reason did not like it. Once he changed out the url for a different one, all his ads started posting.

If your ads stop posting for whatever reason, you need to test to find out why:

– Changed up the title and body of your ad a little.
– Changed the url link that you were using.

I haven’t had my ads community removed too often while posting in the “Business Opportunities” Section. Maybe 3 times in the last couple of years. You see it happen more when you post in other sections/categories.

Before you run the auto posting software, make sure to go to Backpage and test by posting your ad manually until you get it to show up. (change ad and title wording, change url link, if using a picture – change where you’re hosting it, etc.)

Backpage can be a little tricky sometimes, but don’t let it discourage you. Just figure out what’s causing you ad to get blocked (do the steps I just talked about) and adjust.


EZ Facebook Group Auto Poster FAQ’s:

Can I include a picture with my post

Yes, you can choose a picture file to upload into each post. The EZ Facebook Group Auto Poster gives you the option to do just a text post, just a picture in your post, or both text and a picture.

Will I get penalized and thrown into “Facebook Jail” for over posting?

The EZ Facebook Group Auto Poster is set up so that the time between your posts is optimally spaced to make it look natural. We do not recommend that you post to more than 200 groups a day. Posting to more than 200 groups might get your account flagged. We have found from our experience and testing that if you keep your post to under 200 groups, you won’t run into any problems.

The EZ Facebook Group Auto Poster is uploading my picture and typing the post, but why is it not hitting the “submit” button?

The reason for this is that Facebook recently started rolling out an updated layout for their website to its members. Not all members layouts are updated right away. When they do this, we have to update the software to work correctly with the new layout. Your Facebook account must still have the old layout. If this is the case, send in a support ticket and we will email you an older version of the EZ Facebook Group Autoposter that is compatible with your layout.