Software Refund Policy


Refund Policy Statement

In the past our refund policy was misused and exploited by customers who created false reasons for refunds but continued to use our software. Because of this we now have a much stricter refund policy for our advertising software.
Accepted Circumstances
If a defect is found and we cannot provide a fix or work-around within 7 days, a refund can be offered, but we will then ask you to email in .PDF a signed declaration:

  1. A copy of your invoice – sent to you by email when you purchased.
  2. A description of the problem you found in the software.
  3. A signed statement that you have uninstalled/deleted the software and removed it from your computer.

Unaccepted Circumstances
We generally do not refund in these circumstances:

  • – At any time after downloading.
  • – Just because you made a ‘mistake’ when ordering.
  • – Just because you changed your mind after ordering.
  • – Because you purchased on the recommendation of someone, then not really having tested it understood your purchase.
  • – Refunds because you didn’t make money. The software can only deliver your message. It’s up to your message to make sales, not the software.
  • – If you are using the Backpage ad posting software and Backpage is rejecting your ads, the software cannot control that. If Backpage does not like your ads, the software can’t trick
  • Backpage into accepting your ads.